woensdag 15 april 2015

Etsy Love

I have some beautiful new Etsy favourites that I want to share with you! As you know I love greens and I love prints so for me this is the perfect combination. Add a little pastel & fresh whites and you're all set for this season! I just fell in love with this tropical green pillow case by Whitlock and Co and the pink one with cacti print by Confetti Riot would look great next to it! Take a look at these special items...

1. Tropical Pillow Case by Whitlock and Co
2. Cactus Print bu Polly Rowan
3. Cork & Wood Bowl by Melanie Abrantes
4. Pots & Plants Print by Studio Meez
5. Cactus Print Pillow Case by Confetti Riot
6. Handmade Mug by Studio Lorier
7. Ceramic & Wood Tray by Crave Studio
8. Screen Printed Pillow Case by Bubbles at the Head
9. Wall Hooks by Loop Design

dinsdag 7 april 2015

Hotspot Goede Vrijdag Utrecht

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the hotspots "Koffie Leute", "De Kledingbibliotheek" & "Urlaub" in Utrecht. Today I'd like to show you another hotspot in this interesting new neighborhood. Goede Vrijdag is based at this little bridge keeper's house which is completely transformed into a spectacular coffee bar. The guys at Koffie Leute advised me to pay a visit to this special place and I'm glad they did! Not only is this a 
remarkable location tot start a coffee bar, the interior is definitely original. 

The guys who started this coffee bar are graduates from art school and made almost everything themselves. I love the unpredictable mix of artifacts, greens, kitschy porcelain and art projects. Every two weeks there's a live performance at their cosy basement as well! When you're in Utrecht, go and check it out!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

maandag 30 maart 2015

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Happy Green Easter!

When this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers theme was announced, I didn't immediately had an idea. So what do you do when you're not inspired? You go to the Thrift Shop! When I was browsing through the store, my eye fell on this glass egg planter, perfect! I also found a very hideous yellow flowerpot. But the longer I looked at it, the more I started to love it! I bought a couple of mini plants and placed them into the egg, not that easy I can tell you... But it worked out and I think this mini Easter garden looks great in my living room! Happy Green Easter everyone!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

DIY Pastel Easter Eggs

Easter is coming so I thought it would be nice to share this DIY with you guys! I think Easter is a great public holiday to get creative without making things complicated... Everybody can decorate eggs in their own way & there is so much inspiration to be found on Pinterest for instance! I made these cute Spring inspired pastel eggs with a water resistant marker, some fresh flowers, wool felt, lace ribbon & a couple of tiny fabric roses. The wooden egg-cups I bought at Dille & Kamille.

I used white eggs because they go great with pastels but off course you can use regular eggs as well! You can start with drawing some cute & simple faces on the eggs. If you mess up, just use another egg! After that you can cut several shapes from the wool felt. I made a little bow, a hat and scalloped tape to decorate the egg-cups. Now start dressing & decorating the eggs and egg-cups! For the "floral hair" I removed the top of two eggs and cleaned them, you can use them as a mini vase!

These pretty eggs will definitely brighten up you Easter breakfast or brunch! Enjoy!


Pictures by Marij Hessel

zondag 22 maart 2015

Thrift Shop

As you may know, I'm a pretty big fan of thrifting and find it extremely hard not to buy something when I find a nice piece... So even if I don't need it at all, I often convince myself I'll find a nice place or purpose for it! For this reason I try not to visit thrift shops every week! However, lately I've collected a couple of new treasures that I just couldn't resist taking home with me. I'm developing a new addiction: retro flowerpots.... I love the shapes & patterns they have! Then I also have my soft spot for ceramics, believe me I have enough teacups and teapots! But the two brown ones are just too damn cute right? 

The framed old school embroideries I found together with the little bedside table. I wonder which stories go with these pieces...

Pictures by Marij Hessel

dinsdag 17 maart 2015

Today's Crush: Oh Marie!

This Sunday I was invited to the launch of the new Oh Marie! website at the inspiring place I blogged about earlier: Druk in Utrecht. It was a great party with delicious snacks, great styling & a lot of cool people! Oh Marie! was founded by Marlous (also blogger at Planet Fur) who has a team of very talented people that she's working with. Anne, creative partner of Marlous is a stylist & concept developer. Diana, a multitalented social media & marketing expert, who also owns a Bed & Breakfast in Rotterdam! The team is complete with graphic designer Casper who makes the website look perfect!

Oh Marie! is a very refreshing, colourful & creative community where you can find the most beautiful images, illustrations and interesting articles! Get inspired and take a look!

Right now there's a free wallpaper download by Mouni Feddag on the Oh Marie! website... I absolutely love it so it's on my computer as we speak! You can read an interview with Mouni and download the wallpaper here.

Images via www.ohmarie.nl

donderdag 12 maart 2015

Hotspots De Kledingbibliotheek & Urlaub

This Monday I showed you the cool coffeebar "Koffie Leute" at "Druk", today I want to add these 2 interesting places to the Hotspot list! "De Kledingbibliotheek" and "Urlaub" are also based at Druk in Utrecht. De Kledingbibliotheek (in English: Clothing Library) is a place where you can borrow designer, vintage & fairtrade pieces for a couple of weeks. The girls behind this unique concept: Maud, Karin & Evita, make sure the clothes are properly cleaned! The purpose behind this concept is to support the idea of sharing & recycling what we have instead of focussing on possessions and material things. They also want to support a group of (young) designer by giving them a platform. What a great idea!

Behind De Kledingbibliotheek, in a beautiful glasshouse, you'll find "Urlaub", an initiative founded by talented illustrator Ellen Vesters. The name Urlaub is an ode to the holidays Ellen spent in the creative city Hamburg. At Urlaub you can follow several workshops. For instance how to make silkscreens, how to illustrate, write or photograph. A great place to come together and create new things!

Pictures by Marij Hessel

maandag 9 maart 2015

Hotspot Koffie Leute Utrecht

This weekend I visited one of my favorite city's Utrecht for some hotspots! I started at this new & awesome coffee bar called "Koffie Leute". It's housed at "Druk", a place where different creative entrepreneurs have established their unique company. You can follow workshops at Urlaub, borrow an outfit at "De Kledingbibliotheek", buy organic soap at "Werfzeep" and learn all about the perfect cup of coffee (or just enjoy one) at Koffie Leute! What a great place! The interior of this coffee bar is a mixture of vintage finds and fun oddities which create a homely atmosphere. I think I've said enough, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! Definitely a place that I want to visit again!

Pictures by Marij Hessel
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